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tv   The Chris Matthews Show  NBC  August 28, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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across the district. we've been talking about that. strong winds brought down this massive tree on massachusetts avenue at the naval observatory. that tree has been moved out of the way. traffic is moving there again. and even though this day was dark it stretched across the street. there was caution tape around it at one point. and this point there's no word on how long it will take to clean up all the trees around the d.c. area. >> tom sherwood has been out in northwest washington where more on the damage caused by irene. i understand he's in the 3700 block of chesapeake street near nebraska avenue looking at some of the damage that's been caused. tom? >> listen, these folks at the 3700 block, they're looking at this big tree. look at this. it's 30 feet long here at the
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bottom. it goes all the way 30 feet. right there. and that tree is on a home. and the people who live there say it's about 1:30 this morning they heard a noise. the master bedroom was in the back. and this giant tree came down on their house.
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he's been showing us the tree that took down a power line and smashed the roof at chesapeake and nebraska. nobody was hurt. he can joke about it. the people on the street taking a look at what's going on, assessing the damage. you will see a lot of that, people saying is it clear to come out, see what's going on, are there trees down, des bris. >> with those homeowners have to deal with, their roof is crushed in. they're probably going to be out of the house for several months while the repairs get made to that house. >> tom did mention he has not seen pepco or work crews to
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clear that tree. >> might be a while before he does. aaron gilchrist joining us
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welcome back at 10:05, the very latest, irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm, at least ten deaths are attributed to irene. fallen trees and rough surf to blame. overnight president obama signed an emergency declaration for d.c., homeland security and fema can allocate equipment and resources to the district to support the recovery efforts. the ripple effects will be felt for days at airports nationwide as well. more than 9,000 flights are canceled through monday and the power problems are getting worse now. at this point 1 million homes and businesses across the east coast are in the dark. >> several hundred thousand of those outages are in our area, right now pepco reports more than 197,000 outages half of those in prince george's county. dominion virginia power says
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about 102,000 customers remain without power in northern virginia, down about 20,000 in an hour ago. bge reporting almost 500,000 outages systemwide, including more than 110,000 in adrun dell county, 24,000 in prince george's county, 9300 in montgomery county. novc's outages declining, about 175 out js. smeco's number down to 95,000 customers without power in southern maryland, allegheny power seen a drop to about 4500 outages and delmarva power on the eastern shore, still a lot of folks without power there, 115,000 people in the dark. >> all right. aaron gilchrist joins us in the studio. you've had viewers send you pictures of what's going on in their neighborhoods, a lot of trees damage. >> asking people to send us their photos and video, whatever they've seen outside in the
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neighborhoods. want to mention while we're making news, ocean city apparently back open according to the maryland management folks, reopened to residents there and workers, people of that sort. everybody else apparently they'll let back in around noon today. so noontime, the tourists will go back in, open the beach up for people in ocean city, little unexpected this early, but that's a good sign. show you some of the pictures we've been getting from people who have been e-mailing weather at this from rich, cleveland street in arlington. you can see the tree fell on to the porch of this house. doesn't look like there's a ton of damage to the roof of this home, at least from this perspective. one instance of what they've dealt with in the arlington area. this next picture is from -- there we go. see better there, this is fairview beach in virginia, in king george, virginia. elizabeth took this picture. i think this was probably early this morning you can see some of the water that is done some
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damage to the pier there, right on the potomac river in king george county. said they had 25, 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts in the area while the storm was coming through and she was able to snap a few pictures. that's one we pulled out for you. from war dorf, maryland, akimi took this picture on guilford drive. tree, part of the tree broken off and crushed this car in that area. typical of what a lot of people are seeing in the places that got some of the stronger winds. this i thought was a cool picture. >> what is that? >> the hurricane. >> this is the storm approaching. this is irene as it approached. someone posted this, took it from facebook, and says that this is in virginia somewhere. i just thought a pretty impressive picture. >> for sure. >> what was coming in down here. this one is in d.c. on a street, southeast, four cars apparently hit by the tree that came down across that street during the storm overnight last night. one of the cars completely
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demolished as a result of this. river, st. mary's county, maryland, some of the rough surf happening as the storm was coming through the area. just a lot of really cool images people have been sending us. this i think is going to be something -- we talk about the numbers of power outages across the region. this is from gibson, island, on the chesapeake bay in maryland, and you can see, those lines and the pole that came down, the lines that came down, this is an example of the sort of work that is ahead of the power companies. same story here, this one from kensington, maryland, west avenue a huge oak tree out there took down some power lines. when you think how long as going to take to get the power back on for some people, somebody is going to have to come in and cut up and remove that tree and then take down those power lines and put new power lines up. the virginia department of emergency management has tweeted they expect that in some places, it's going to take a week or two
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weeks to get the power back on. that's an example of why it's going to take a long time for some people. >> second worst power outage in virginia history, this hurricane. >> massive numbers for virginia power. >> that is the -- >> the other co-ops. >> the patience, having people keep their patience about them as they wait for the power to get back on. going to get frustrating. >> we're fortunate this wasn't july when it was 110 degrees outside. >> and the fact we're having nice weather this week, this is still august, it could have been really bad. >> that's good for the air conditioning and comfortable in your house, but, i keep thinking of the refrigerator, the food, how are they going to cook. >> whatever little bit of food is there, just eat it fast. >> have a party. aaron is throwing a party. >> all about myself. >> with your barbecue pit. as long as you have a barbecue pit and food. >> dry ice in the backyard. >> thanks very much. great pictures. irene may be going up the east coast but many places still feeling the effects of the storm and ocean city is one of them.
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>> john has been down there and we understand from aaron who told us that they've announced that ocean city is now open to residents to come back in. residents and shop owners, i believe, to come back into the city. tourists maybe by noon. is that what you're hearing? >> joe, that is correct. two phases here, at 9:00 this morning that's when they started opening up to residents and people who work here, anyone who has proper identification, at noon ocean city will be opened to everyone. right now, the beach behind me is actually open as well. however, they're asking surfers to stay out of the ocean, still a little too choppy. irene is so funny. you can see off in the distance the sun is coming out. my voice has been gone all weekend. irene has been so unpredictable. an hour ago we were in the hotel room editing our video putting our shot together and a huge gust of wind came through, knocked the ceiling tiles off the ceiling. i'm holding in my hand what's
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left of the light fixture as it came crashing down in front of me. i had to get out of the way of this thing. still pretty dangerous conditions out here. veronica johnson out here with me, took a tour of some of the damage. take a look at what she found. >> three and 4:00 this morning, there was this eerie shift in rain and wind. we went from having a very heavy rain to a very light rain. on the coastal side. our wind shifted from out of the east to the northwest. it is right here on the bayside where irene put up its last fight with ocean city. high tide came here at 7:22 in the morning. and you can see that the tide is still very high, the water levels high, and coming right near some of the houses. the boats, in the pier, bouncing up and down like toys in a bathtub. throughout the day we're going to see that westerly wind
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subside and hopefully those water levels start to come down. but a lot of flooding here now on the bayside. >> that flooding continued for multiple blocks. it was like a trailer park area. it was about four or five blocks of flooding and the floods continued to grow as the high tide came in. you know, i got to say, irene, we don't miss you. we hope you are gone for good. hopefully everyone is safe in her path. but we certainly don't miss her here in ocean city. guys, back to you in the studio. >> all right. john, thanks very much. continue to stay safe out there and rest your voice. >> rest the voice, yeah. >> rest the body. you need rest. >> all right. >> let's check out how things are in arlington right now. tracee will kins is -- spending most of the morning there after all night in alexandria where she saw a lot of flood progress there. >> arlington, downed trees and wires. is that what you're seeing? >> yes.
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absolutely. and, in fact, if you take a look across the street where folks are gathering, kind of mourning the loss of the tree that was there earlier this morning, but came down with this storm. let me show you what it looked like a while ago as arlington crews were chopping up that tree and getting it out of the middle of the roadway. they had a whole line of folks out here clearing this tree from the intersection of north george mason drive and north park drive over to the right here, we still have a downed line over here on north george mason drive they have to try to get up. this is the scene we're seeing around arlington. let me show you what it looked like in the 2700 block of south hay street. they had a huge tree to fall down and bring down some power lines along with it and cause some significant damage. some folks who live on that end of arlington lost power because of that tree that came down there. and folks are just, you know,
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waking up this morning and seeing what all of the crashing and the noise was that they heard last night and starting to figure out what's going on with the damage that they're seeing. so, it looks like it's going to be a while before they're able to get all of these trees up. some of the roads have been closed because of the damage. we talked with one resident. here's what he had to say about what he was seeing this morning. >> power is out. everything is out. >> what time did you lose power? >> quarter to 1:00 last night. >> and then to come out and see this big tree here. >> surprised. yeah. i just hope -- i'm glad it went the way it did, rather than the other way into the houses. >> reporter: now we still want to make sure folks are careful when it comes to the downed power lines. look out for live lines. know that they could be hidden underneath branches and some of the stuff that fell over after irene blew through hire. we were in tysons corner last
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night and i could hear the rain whipping around and the wind whipping around. it was a mess. in addition to the branches down and some trees, also lots of leaves on wet roadways. that's something else folks need to be mindful of as you're heading out this morning. they're trying to clean up as soon as possible. but, a bit of good news, here in arlington, when they have these trees fall over and they're chopping them up and getting them out of the way, they are recycled as mulch. you may be walking on top of the tree that was once standing there where all of the folks are congregating like what happened to our tree. it could be lining some of the streets here or some of the trees and in the parks. so that's good news. it definitely does not go to waste. but there's also some good news over there in old town alexandria where the potomac did not flood its banks. businesses preparing for the worst after the storm but it appears the high winds pushed the waters off the banks of the potomac so no flooding in old
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town alexandria, not with high tide this morning. they will monitor it and worried about the river getting a little too low over there. they will be paying close attention to that as well. good news and bad news. some damage and some issues there, but the good news is, no flooding in old town, alexandria. we haven't heard about flooding in any other areas in northern virginia as well. so good news there. tracee will kins, live this morning. back to you. >> in conjunction with what tracee was showing us, the trees that brought down power lines to reiterate what the mayor said f a tree comes down in your neighborhood do not, do not try to remove it yourself. we saw in tom sherwood's report some neighbors of the family tried to start cutting the tree down, heard some cracking and they finally stopped. but they could have had some serious damage, serious injuries if those big limbs or trees fell on them. >> those wires could be live. that's something important to remember. take a look at some of this video. this is live pictures of lower
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manhattan. this is video, sorry. not live. of lower manhattan where flooding has begun in that part of new york city because of the heavy waters surrounding that area. they're expecting continued flooding could be several feet and that's what the city is bracing for. they've evacuated and let's check in now live and see what's going on down there. >> steve handelsman in times square. that is the big concern right now, the floogtsds thding that occur in lower manhattan. >> i think it's less of a concern now. the storm surge is going down, the high tide is receding, the storm has moved to the east of the city and then across long island, headed to connecticut where it's causing many more problems than it did here in new york city proper. times square is back to normal. full of tourists. and a funaitive new yorkers, this being new york are walking around xwrousing a mini storm of protest. why did we have to leave.
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when is the subway going to start back up. when can we get moving, go home. the answer won't come for about an hour and a half when mike bloomberg, the mayor of new york, briefs and will announce and we're told that it won't be right away, a resumption of public transit here in new york. because of the tremendous volume of rain that they got here and because of some coastal flooding that occurred from a not as serious as feared storm surge, they've got to inspect the subways, which, of course, are under ground, to make sure there's not dangerous flooding in any of the tubes, in any of the stations, before they give a green light to reopen the main transit mechanism here in new york. as many people who ride metro in washington a greater percentage of them use it here in new york. they're still kind of stuck where they are. in this part of the city, it was less bad than feared and they didn't have to pull the plug on the power in lower manhattan because the storm surge was not great enough to flood the
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bunkers that house the high power cables. and that's good news. so, the damage and the loss appears to be minimal here in manhattan, but not minimal to the east where coney island, the southern tip of brooklyn got hammered pretty hard. there's damage there. there's power out. further east in the suburbs of long island, from the southern shore, long beach was hit very hard, all the way across the island and then the long island sound into connecticut, where there's severe damage reported. here, they seem to have dodged a bullet. >> in times square, steve, but you're -- we were seeing video of lower manhattan where flooding has begun. is that still a concern where the financial district is and what's going to happen tomorrow morning? >> yeah. i wouldn't use that term, flooding has begun. i think the flooding began around 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., it should have peaked with the high tide. i mean, the storm surge does not continue to rise when the storm moves away. it's pushed, the big bubble of
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water actually compared to the storm a tiny bubble of water, but it ends up being as high as a person, and in an area like this, especially if it comes with the high tide by coincidence, you can have a breaching of the regular docks and the sea wals and that did occur. new york is not super flat, manhattan rises pretty steeply from the water. the same with brooklyn and queens. this flooding, which definitely occurred, didn't go that far inland. we haven't heard of serious problems due to flooding even though there was some. >> i thought i saw some runners behind you sort of warming up. are we seeing the beginning of the irene 10k there? >> things is a coincidence and interesting, that is, there are 18,000, 18,000 people here for the world police and fire games. they're from all over the world, and they're all first responders. so they were here.
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they're brave, they're fit, some of them were out fooling around in the storm, some had some beverages, some of the guys from australia, the rugby team, they were chest surfing on the street out here at 4:00 in the morning. >> oh, no. >> they're out training, looking around, having fun. but they're first responders. in fact new yorkers are second guessing the better safe than sorry measures instituted by mike bloomberg, by her, first ever closing of the tunnels and subways and evacuations but not the first responders. they're the better safe than sorry guys and gals, and so they're thumbs up what new york did and looking around to see how new york is after irene. back to you. >> hope they enjoy the city. it's a great city. thanks so much. mayor bloomberg did say, listen in preparation, i would rather err on the side of caution. >> you have to. >> for those grousing look, in case it was going to be a horrible situation. >> you have no choice. what's the option? >> exactly. >> not do that.
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>> when you have the eye of a hurricane coming just to the east of manhattan, yeah, it gets your attentionp. >> it does. >> fortunately, yes, much of the rain passed west and north of new york city and much of the wind diminished as it did approa approach. thankfully they did escape much of the brunt of irene. we did not here. as you know, we've got a lot of people still without power and we are still dealing with a few gusty winds and some of the water now is receding. many of the creeks and streams are beginning to recede. right now in washington, quite a bit of cloudiness around, although we've seen a little sunshine breaking out. as the afternoon progresses we will likely get more sunshine and we'll likely have diminished winds. at reagan national the temperature downriver is 75 and a few breaks in the clouds. a little sunshine breaking out. we have a westerly breeze bringing in drier air and the latest gusts at reagan national was at 26 miles an hour. here's the radar over the last
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few hours. we can see it's still raining here in howard county, frederick county in maryland but beginning to diminish a lot. this is the last of the rain, irene good-bye, is now exiting the region and behind that, getting some sunshine breaking out throughout much of virginia and we will have this system continuing to advance off to the north and east. but, it did leave some astounding rain totals and a few residual flood warnings around the region. kim artuchi joins me with the latest on that. >> tom, good morning. i have fresh, brand new information for you. it's going to be ironic when you consider the rain from irene is gone, but a brand new flood warning in effect. it's for st. mary's county, issued by the national weather service. it's down here. this area down here, everybody, has received 10 inches of rain. okay. 10 inches down here. and that means that we have to talk about some serious flooding
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problems. the weather service has continued this warning until 2:30. listen to this, are you ready? throughout the county, emergency officials are reporting that roads are under three to four feet of water and as a result, the flood warning has been extended. so tom, st. mary's has seen the brunt of the storm locally for us. out on the delmarva, they have seen upwards of 14 inches of rain in central delaware and that, too, has been where irene has really pummeled our area. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks so much, kim. here's how we're looking for the next couple days. we'll get that sunshine back this afternoon, highs reaching around 80 and tomorrow lower humidity, a cool start to monday, and thankfully some wonderfully dry weather, cooler weather, less humid weather for the balance of the week, each day, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. highs just in the low, maybe mid-80s by the midweek. for the next couple morning and then the 60s wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday, just a chance of an isolated shower or
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maybe a thundershower and not too humid, morning lows 60s, afternoon highs mid 80s. and that is the way it looks. good-bye, irene, and good night. >> good night, irene. >> sleep tight. >> perhaps let the bedbugs bite. to elaine in northwest washington surveying damage out there. elaine. >> yeah. we want to report that pepco arrived just a few minutes ago. there was a live wire down here and you can see why. this huge tree took down some wires and landed on this house. a couple that lived inside was able to get out, but they had to get out with the help of firefighters. we did speak with the owner briefly. they are not hurt. they have lived in this house since 1976 and their plans are to rebuild. again, nobody hurt here, but this is a scene here in northwest d.c. trees falling all over because of the saturated ground. back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks very much, elaine, reyes, reporting live. >> we just want to bring you up
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to date on some of the information that has been coming into our newsroom. we still have hundreds of thousands of power outages throughout the area. we know that crews are trying to assess the damage right now. assess the situation and then get to those neighborhoods and crews said be patient, it could take a number of days before they reach your neighborhood. >> irene, the hurricane, is no more, downgraded to a tropical storm now. we understand at least ten people have died because of this storm, though. and falling trees and rough surf are to blame for the deaths. overnight the president signed an emergency declaration for the district of columbia. that means that homeland security and fema can allocate equipment and resources to the district to support the recovery efforts. and the ripple effects will be felt for days at the airports nationwide as well. more than 9,000 flights are canceled through monday, and the power problems are getting worse. 3.1 million homes and businesses across the east coast in the dark. once again, this could be several days, maybe even weeks,
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